Meeting Minutes - Tuesday 5th December

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Meeting Minutes - Tuesday 5th December

Post by laura » Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:29 pm


Tuesday 5th December at 8:30pm
Attending - Ras, Shannon, Blue, Swithun, Elle, Chakan, Morrissey & Laura

2.Working groups - what are they
3.Mission Statement
4.Gardening Workshops
5.Sewing Workshop
6.Reiki Workshop
8. Any other business

1. Workshops going now for 2 years, different workshops - languages, drama etc. Workshops must produce something - that is the motivation - skills, events, education etc. People who wish to set up groups need to attend meetings. We are in transition - need to get things happening, not just ideas - commitment and action. We offer through different workshops. We should be co-ordinating workshops offering support materials etc. workshops have operated without budget before - so a budget should facilitate more action. Workshops potentially could become working groups - unless they already fit in with a working group. We do not want to proliferate too many working groups - but if demand dictates then this is a possibility, but cross overs must be considered first.

2. More info to follow - to be printed off after meeting. Forest structure has changed from committee to workgroups structure. See board for more information various groups open to everyone who wants to get involved - be prepared to take on responsibilities. Overall work group for Forest for big decisions but other working groups will have smaller budgets to work within. Representatives (Moderators) from working groups will attend Forest working groups and facilitate meetings. Forest is applying for charity status (culture, arts etc.).

3. Mission Statement important to give an overview of what we do and will outline how we plan to operate. To guide us and give others an idea of how we are doing.

Provide resources, spaces for people who wish to provide inclusive and diverse workshops. Forest workshops here to help people realise their potential, to co-ordinate relevant free workshops. Inclusive or perhaps open to all and open, to encourage a culture of participation, support, education, development and action.

Action - to be debated on bb thread, some discussion may be required.

Swithun has spokent to Ras who wants an environmental workshop going. Basic start being filling a paper cup with mud and grow seeds progressing to Greenhouse & windowsill gardening, looking at the forest garden, allotment gardening, cutting workshops, garden fertilisers. Lots of ideas.

Action - Blue to write something up and present to environmental and workshop group for support and progression.

Liz wants to start a sewing and crocheting workshop. Swithun suggested Bits & Bobs for materials. Idea from Shannon - to sew slip covers for the Forest Cafe's seats. Liz needs to think about this and report to the group - we are all supportive. Shannon to talk to Liz on Friday.

Simon wants to do them - Blue and Simon to work together.

Action - Blue & Simon to consider and report back.

Workshops should be marketed separately from events calendar. Email groups, printed material in community areas (centres etc.). Blackboard in cafe for workshops and one for events. Current one is being underutilised.

Action for Elle & Blue to keep this updated and interesting. - speak to Chris about putting board up on wall.

Good idea to have poster, flyer etc. but this is in its infancy and hesitant to proceed with this at this moment in time.

Current workshops, Forest Choir, Drama, Yoga, Bits & Bobs (associated and one off).

Action - Chakan to spread the word. Potentially Indymedia, local papers etc. Chakan & Elle should speak to those who run workshops before promoting them to ensure proper information and how they want to be promoted. Elle should liaise with John, Ras & Chandra who are the workshop contacts (internal proliferation) then speak to Chakan for outward proliferation.

Blue suggested Healer and clown workshop with Simon and a workshop to turn mortals in to immortals - to be developed tantri, chinese philosopies, breathing, urban tao workshops. Blue to consider this in greater depth and report back. Chakan suggested a Theology workshop.

Actions - Blue and Simon to consider his workshops ideas and report back. Chakan to speak to people who may potentially be interested in providing a Theology workshop.

Swithun spoke about Infoseed workshops, Chakan spoke about Gudrun's creative writing workshops. These are not actually Forest workshops, but if they wish to open them up and make them so they should speak to us.

Action - Swithun and Chakan to approach appropriate parties and ask if they want to become official Forest workshops.
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