7pm Film meeting, 9/1/07

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7pm Film meeting, 9/1/07

Post by swithun » Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:58 pm

Film meeting at 7pm, Tuesday 9th. We will probably meet downstairs in Infoseed. Come along.

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Post by swithun » Wed Jan 10, 2007 5:32 pm

Here are the minutes.

Present: Nick, Magda, Duncan, Swithun

Choose films. From the list of suggestions, we selected the following:

January films

White Diamond (15/1)
A recent documentary from Werner Herzog about floating above a rainforest in an airship.

Oh What a Lovely War (22/1)
Film treatment of the classic anti-war play. Richard Attenborough's first film as director.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (29/1)
Someone say something about this one please.

Alice + Conspirators of Pleasure (5/2)
Double bill of Svankmajer. Alice gets back to the adult themes of Carroll's book. The Consiprators of Pleasure is as close as Czech surrealist animation can get to porn. Both show off Svankmajer's unique blend of live action and freeze frame animation.

Posession (for Valentines day) (12/2)
A video nasty for Valentine's day. Someone please say something about this one.

Rivers and tides (19/2)
Film portrait of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Maybe this is a found film. I'm sure someone can think of a better synopsis.

Songs from the 2nd floor (26/2)

If anyone has seen these films and has better synopses, please add them so that the Events team can make a more inviting poster.

Closing the kitchen: this works fine, so we will continue as I have been doing. Close kitchen during film and give out popcorn.

Projector: Chris moved the projector closer to the screen wall, so the picture is improved.

Magda will make a poster at some point to let up'n'coming film makers know that we are interested in showing their work (if it is any good). This will go up in places that these dudes frequent.

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Post by Jane » Wed Jan 10, 2007 5:41 pm

sounds awesome, esp feb 5th
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