Volunteer Meeting - Sunday 26th June

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Volunteer Meeting - Sunday 26th June

Post by Gaz » Mon Jun 27, 2005 12:53 am

Volunteer Meeting
Sunday 26th June

We had a meeting.
This is what happened.

1. Indy Media have hired the hall upstairs for the G8 period. Indy Media is an independent news organisation. They have computers and want people to write what’s really going down on the streets to go on their websites. Dave from Indy Media gave a presentation of what they will be doing over the next couple of weeks. Volunteers asked some questions…they were answered. Let’s help ‘em the best we can.

2. The Forest has a booze licence from Monday 27th June to Sunday 10th July. We can sell alcoholic refreshments from 10am to 5am….yes that’s 5am! We probably won’t stay open that long everyday (unless there are enough people around).We will have 2 or 3 bars around the café at some points. We need volunteers to help out, especially recycling bottles every morning.

3. There will be a new menu to make life easier. No Burritos or stuff like that because it takes toooo long. Sandwiches and wraps mainly.

4. There will be night managers from 7pm to 1am over the G8 period. It’s going to be really, very much so, busy. Volunteers…come and help out.

5. We spoke in hushed tones of potential trouble that might arise. We don’t want no trouble, honest guv’nor, so if there are any troublemakers in the café they can be told to leave. If there are any serious problems please call the police.

6. We are going to look into the possibility of getting the St. John’s Ambulance guys to come and teach us some basic first aid. It might happen this week so come along if it gets arranged (we will send out an email if it does).

7. To assist the influx of newcomers, who will be potentially disorientated by the twisty turns of the Forest, all volunteers must wear some kind of symbol of authority. We decided fake moustaches would be best. If you have a real one you will have to shave it off before putting on the fake one. This futile exercise will be of great expense to the Forest but it was decided once again that money should not stand in the way of ridiculous plans. Kitchen Managers and Night Managers will likewise have to wear googly eyes to differentiate them from the vollies. If they already have real googly eyes they must be taken out before putting the fake ones on.

That was about it.