Meating Minutes

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Meating Minutes

Post by Jane » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:02 pm


The record will be sold in the Forest for £5.

We will distro to Mono, Avalanche, Fopp, Analog and possibly others. The cost of the record will be enough to make sure we get at least £4 per record and will be decided on a piece by piece basis depending how much the various shops wants to take in commission.
Action - Dan will talk to these places

We would like to do a launch party in Mono as well as here. This will depend when various people are free. Like the Pendulums and Mikey.
Action - Dan will talk to the Pendulums/Mono.

We need a press release
Action - Jane will write one

We need a website
Action - Gareth will make one

We need to send lots of records to various people, possibly including Bucks Fizz and Phil Spector and the manager of the Bay City Rollers
Action - start a BB thread

We give one copy each to Mikey, Pendulums, Dirk, Crave, Jane, Dan, Dai, Gareth and Magda. Further copies can be purchased for cost price.

Launch party (n.b. will not be on a farm). Hopefully the Saturday 13th of the Blender Redux weekend, because then we'll have booze and goodness and dancing.
Actions - Dan will contact the Pendulums, Dai will talk to Mikey, Jane will email Meth//Markham.

Next Meeting, Tuesday September 11th. We'll make more inside covers and put some records together and write numbers on them. Hopefully all these actions will be done by then too, pleasey.
Action - Jane will make a poster asking people to come help

this is all
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