Action working group minutes - 9 Sept 2007

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Action working group minutes - 9 Sept 2007

Post by Shannon » Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:13 pm

Attending: Vijay, Ras, Swithun, Salma, Frank, Emily, Jake, Will, Anna, Danny, Graeme & Shannon


1. Workshops
- what's on, what's not
- workshop board
- advertising for new workshop organisers

2. Community Action
- bag workshop
- action working group room!

3. Environment & Garden
- autumn planting/gardening
- the compost wins!
- battery disposal
- energy audit
- wiki/sustainability guide
- changing bulbs in the hall
- Bike library/loan/rentals

4. Projects
- Forest offers grants for new and exciting projects - isn't that great?

5. Misc.
- meeting time

1. Workshops
- What's on:
  • drama: Tues. 9.30pm
    music and words: 8pm Thursday
    Sevillian dance 5-6.30pm [I missed the day -- can we find out??]
    Spanish: starting again Fri. Sept. 21 at 5pm
    Recycled Art: new - Sundays 1-6pm
    Cloth bags: starting again Sat. Oct 6 at 2pm
- There is no english workshop or yoga happening. Also no textiles or crystal magic, spiritual nutrition or healing group.
- Not sure about Forest choir?
Action points:
- Danny & Anna to update workshop board
- Salma to make a poster advertising for new workshop organisers
- Jake to make a poster advertising our current workshops (Shannon will get the information to him) and Emilly, Will & Anna will help distribute it outside the Forest

2. Community
- bag workshop will return on Oct. 6th
Action: Shannon will make poster
- Action working group room: for workshops, community meetings, maybe with computers, maybe more. In discussions with Infoseed. Go to the bb and talk about it if you have ideas!
- Penicuik Woodlands: Frank says a housing development is happening and encroaching on the woods. There wouldpotentially be big community support for a tree sit. He says spread the word.

3. Enviro & Gardens
- Wiki/sustainability guide: We have a wiki up and running. It is on Swithun's server. He will post the details. (Action for the Swith!) Now we just need to make the content and maybe one day secure funding to do a big, proper print job of it? Get cracking.
- Battery bag: Swithun will get a new one. We take old batteries to Ikea where they apparently dispose of them properly.
- Autumn planting/gardening
  • cuttings workshop - Vijay to talk/sort out with Daniel and Jake
    plant identification walk - Vijay, Daniel and Jake to plan
    guerilla gardening - contact Jake
    Frank trying to regenerate things around Bilston - get in touch if interested
    Gardening Day: Shannon will contact Blue and see if there's a day that's good for him (since he knows what's going on out there right now)
    Next meeting: We will spend an hour in the garden before we chatter away
- Upstairs bulbs: Danny to replace with energy efficient bulbs. Graeme will help to see what fittings are needed.
- Energy Audit: who will do it for free? Vijay says if we have an environmental policy (which we create after the energy audit is done), we could access green funding... Shannon to contact Carrie, via Bill (apparently she does this kind of thing for charities) Vijay is willing to write an environmental policy once the other stuff is done. Jake and Will will check with Changeworks to see if they have any leads on the audit
- Bike rentals: Graeme will start a thread on what we need to get the bike library up and running again! Jake will get stuff from the bike station - we are very excited!
5. Misc
- We will go back to the regular meeting time of 4pm next month. However, since we are the action group, we will do some action first. Next month: 4-5pm in the garden and then meeting from 5-6pm

Over and out.[/list]

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