Minutes of meeting 13th July

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Minutes of meeting 13th July

Post by beev » Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:29 pm

Minutes of meeting 13th July

Present: Neil, Pete, Tim, Nick, Miroslav, Kaisa, Chris, Georgina, Mikey, Duncan, others possibly


1. Ryan
2. Kitchen
3. Birthday
4. World Youth Congress
5. Festival
6. Phone Bill
7. Indymedia
8. Dilated radio
9. Theatre update
10. Barrings
11. Gallery space in festival
12. Library
13. Grant Application
14. Video Projector

1. Welcome back Ryan (soon)

2. New kitchen plans were presented. Budget of 2 grand. 4-800 for fridge. 500 for materials. Maybe a new oven. Try and keep cafe open for drinks during refurb. Questions about dishwasher? Deactivate walk in freezer. Replace with a freezer that uses 278 kilo watt hours. Duncan queried this. Duncan admitted that he might be talking nonsense. Kitchen might need to be closed.

3. On the 4th August the forest will be 5. Planned: abdominal showmen. Birthday cake with people inside. plan to recreate Brazilian carnival party of 50 years ago. People will come as one of the people. Budget of a grand. At least.

4. World Youth Congress in Stirling. Scottish Executive have asked us to organise action projects for the delegates, who are 18-25. The installation will be on the stairs, with drama too. They are funding us 2 and half grand. Themes of equality and sex education. The finale will coincide with our birthday.

Let it be noted, when asked if more PAs would be needed for the party, Chris said, “we have enough.”

5. Festival. We have the hall for the festival. Try and revamp the toilets too.

6. Phone bill. Phone bill of 200 for 2 weeks. 30 accounted for. International calls no longer possible. Nor premium rate calls.

7. Indymedia now have the 2 rooms downstairs (old dilated studios). This was done by the settlement. Could be a 3 month trial.

8. Dilated radio are not our favourite people at present. Do not give them access to anything. Send them to Chris. He will deal with them in his own inestimable fashion.

9. Theatre update Nottingham. Someone wants to rent studio for comedy nights during festival. He would charge. We are not sure if we like this idea.

10. Certain people have been harassing folk in the cafe. They will be warned.

11. Gallery space in festival. Gallery is totally available for events. Can the budget go up? From £100 to £120. To pay for postcards and promo flyers. Mikey will check out the costs.

12. Library. We have lots of free standing shelves. Chris will stick them on the wall.

13. Grant Application. There were three. They were all rejected.

14. Video Projector. Insurance company phone no? Woman dealing with it on holiday. Gareth will bring the claim form. Then it will all be sorted

Any Other Business?

Welcome back Georgina. Who utterly failed to split up with her boyfriend. Poor show girl.

Welcome back Boris.

Car. Needs MOT. And the engine’s running hot. Neil might do it. Tommy more likely.

Oh, and Nick put his foot in it by saying he was going to invent a new
post for himself, that of being in charge of Forest Publishing (which barely
even exists in idea form).