Committee meeting Sunday July 24th 2005

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Committee meeting Sunday July 24th 2005

Post by beev » Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:38 pm

Present: Mat, Chris, Ryan, Gareth, Neil, Kasia, Robin, Georgina (minutetaker) and Tim

1. party
2. kitchen
3. festival
4. freezer
5. john crave
6. WYC
7. Indymedia

1. Party. It will be great. Mikey is designing flyers and posters. It will be in the list. There will be invites. There is a whole list of fabulous party ideas(some more ludicrous than others) which for those of you who didn't attend the meeting will be a surprise. But rest assured that Ryan is looking into most of them. As far as entertainement, we've got some of our favourite bands, and there will be more.
The madness is that the day after our birthday is the fringe opening. You know what that means...
Also the world youth congress will be around that weekend and we will be giving them the time of their lives. Fun with sex-ed uh-huh.
What a wild couple of days...

2. The kitchen. Opened on Tuesday and is great. Go volunteer.

3. As mentioned the festival is opening thus giving us another opportunity to party. There will be DJs etc. We are pretty much booked up with events already but will try and keep some slots free for last minute randomness. Ryan is on the internationals.
We'll be getting a skip to once more sort through our junk. Ryan will get on that asap. Btw, the skip permit is for 3 months; surely we can think of something fun to do with a skip permit? And outdoor seating license is pending...chris is looking into it.

4. Gareth bought a freezer. It arrives on Friday.

5. John crave is coming. There will be a party and much more. In the words of Scar, be prepared...

6. WYC or world youth congress is-a-coming.Tuesday and Wednesday 10-5, Thursday till 11pm. Miroslav and Mikey will be doing sex education theatre and there will be an art installation. There will be almost fourty people to feed which is always a bundle of fun.

7.Indymedia. Apparently during the G8 period there was a bit of nastiness and misunderstanding. And they owe us money for photocopying. But chris reassured us that it's cool. Speaking of photocopying, Robin will sort the photocopier out.

There was no more business