Minutes of the best meeting ever

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Minutes of the best meeting ever

Post by beev » Sun Aug 21, 2005 10:55 pm

Minutes of the best meeting ever because it lasted 29 minutes


Palmer, Boresyza, Holdstock, Boyd, van Winkle, Kladeny, International people, Beaver


1. Toilet et al
2. International food
3. The Happening
4. September
5. Grant application
6. Computer
7. Dinner for international volunteers
8. Shop

1. Flooded. Now fixed. Will be repainted. Twenty toilet, no, 6 will be put in that space, that beautiful green room. 2. To reiterate, please order food rather than making it yourself. Saves confusion and fighting. 3. Next weekend. Something will happen. Something. Maybe face painting? Cotton candy? The Lovelies? But not hats, dogs or broken glass, and probably not jam either. Should feel the baptismal bath. Sorry, fill. And no nitrous either. 4. All is well. But every night something bad happens. Those working are doing a great job. And some of those who aren’t too. 5. John Crave wants a grant to paint murals up and downstairs, in the gallery, everywhere. A 100 squid? Done. 6. On Friday next Tim will reformat the computer. If you need something kept, put it in the folder marked ‘backup’ on the desktop. Otherwise, bye bye. 7. On Tuesday, from 6ish. 8. Shop in gallery for 4 hours a week? In the lobby? On the pavement? Yeah, it good, we think.