Cafe & Events working group – 2 april 2008

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Cafe & Events working group – 2 april 2008

Post by ravanwin » Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:04 pm

C & E working group – 2 april 2008: Pomme, Swithun, bryony, nix, megan, kate, graeme, dai, ryan, shannon, xabina


Table Tops
I – Mac
Tables and Chairs outside
More seats in cafe
films durring BST
Hard drives / replacements
Accident Book / fire alarm test
rejected point – Beev.
Kitchen Barriar / notice
Night Manager Closing list, All -
Any Other Bussiness

Action Point – Hot or Not

Swith made food posters – HOT
Swith made instrurctional photos – HOT
Alex said he wanted to do something with them, but nothing has been done – NOT
<swith to complete project without alex's help>
KM / Volunteer newsletter not done by Alex: NOT
Rota changed by Bryony – HOT
Toilet Rota from Shannon – NOT
New Menu, Kms – LUKE WARM
Designs for Tables, NIX – LUKE WARM
Corkage Dodgers, ALL – REAL HOT
Red Light, Ken – HOT
Alex and Bryony to renew vollie book – LUKE WARM
Night Manager Closing list, All -
Alex and Nix was going to make sign for vollie to know what to take – NOT
Drum Kit, bryony, alex, nix : NOT
Vollie Party -bryony to organize: NOT Hot – but excused.


pitor to try to fix it with fudge. if they can --- all hair pitor and fudge. ken lent them some tools.

Bryony and Shannon wonder if we could slash the menu and then not repair the fridge.
Alex REALLY wants the fridge back due to making food prep easier and also thinks it is important to have cold booze.

Nix thinks it is important to shop around.
Swith thinks it is essential to having the fridge
Ryan reckons there is a health and safty issue.

We will attempt a DIY but afterwards we can shop around. Day after tomorrow.
Words of Wisdom from the old man: do not call capitol cooling. Call Ian at Susie's or David at Elephant House?

Ryan will shop around for a better quote from people who are not swine.

Kms – Do not buy too much VEG!

Table Tops

The great Carlos is making kind of newsletter / kind of poster / event thing. Doing it every week. Will get events done with help of ryan and dai. SOOOO if you have an important Factoid for Carlos to mention to the world – TELL HIM and he'll get it in.

I – Mac

1)almost full and needs stuff removed and backed-up.
need someone to go into the imac and delete stuff that is not titled.
Action – nix to accomplish.

Repermand: Nix and Shannon do not understand Working Groups or Consensus and deleted a local artist. Nix will put it back on.

Remember the Rules: we must have explicit permission from the artist or be non-copyright.

Signage – the cupboard needs to have signs and needs to have people putting music on there.

New Stuff on the machine:
NIX TO make a NEW CD rack with clear sign and get cd wallet

NEW MUSIC ADDED – Add to carlo's newsletter.

ALSO – EVERYBODY should ask for CDs from independent young bands that allow us to play. We will assemble a team to add the music inclding Megan and EVS Volunteers.

Action to meet Xabina at noon on sunday to learn how to add music to i-mac.

Tell Nms

Tables and Chairs Outside:

it is nice out. it is not legal to put chairs outside yet so we need a licence.
However, wink wink, they really start cracking down till june / july.

Ryan to contact them the council.


Nix happy to do lettering on the floor but does not know what people want. Saloon doors might make sense.

Ken can do it!
Action: ryan to speak with Ken / Kim.

More seats in cafe:

we need more stuff in the cafe. some of our nice tables are upstairs.
Action: bryony and xabina to move the furniture into the cafe on Friday at noon.

The problem is it always people don't put things back.
maybe color code things so that people don't need to think.
Heavy chairs are heavy / hideous / stackable.
There are a few nice wooden ones still around and some spray painted ones.
People need to decide what are needed in the cafe.
At night a lot of furniture moves and doesn't come back from the lobby.

Action: Nix to paint chairs, bryony to tell him which ones!
Action: Nix to make sign re: storage of tables etc. overnight.


nix rightly wants it cleaned up and wants to put in-between the lobby and the exits.
Action: Xabina to make weekly rota for cleaning up things....

Films durring Britsh Summer Time / Tarik

bryony thinks bi-weekly. Can monday nights between swith and tarik? or a monday double bill start at 8 or 8.30?

instructions in front of book on who to contact if you want to show a film?
action: shannon to add details to book.
action: shannon to contact tarik and swith to voice his opinion HERE.

Hard Drives / Replacement Computer Bits

martin: computers are still under cafe and events. do we still want it in our group?

Computers moved to artist facilities. Will talk about it tomorrow.


shannon lays out the debate. the previous decision was “wishy washy”.

in theory we would have a cam above the door to get photos of people who we have barred due to misbehaviour, aggression etc. The idea would be to capture stills and make into a book of detailed reasons about why people are barred.

We need a massive meeting. It will be held Sunday the 20th at 1pm in Forest. Cafe closed till 5pm. Perhaps need to find someone outside the group.

Ryan reminds people that we all have the right and the responsibility to ask people to leave. We are a licensced premesis and anyone refusing to leave is breaking the law. Please remember this and do your part. If we work together we can be safe.
accident book / fire alarm test

shannon used to do it. nobody has done it. we don't know where the book is. we probably should do it.

Action: can anyone find this / can someone track bloo. Kms to Discuss.


xabina will make a rota for people who want to help can put their name down.

action: bryony to work with xabina on this!

Night Manager Closing List

alex made a good list and it needs to be filled in.

Nms have power to stop people from staying in late nights. there have been problems

Door Closer:

Action: Ryan to talk to ken.

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Post by swithun » Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:14 am

Shame I wasn't there for the film point. Mondays for documentary and film would be OK with me. I'll see if I can work out something with Tariq. I'd like it to be something regular so that people know they can come and watch a documentary/feature film at a given time and not get the week wrong.

I'd imagine the documentary going first, followed by the feature film. Could the evening start at 7? That way, there would be time for any talking after the documentary and still time for people to leave/calm down/arrive before the feature film, which wouldn't start too late either.

I was thinking about an accident book because I had a really cool accident on Monday night. I was heating soapy water in the microwave to get the steam to soften the gunk. The water looked calm and not hot but as soon as I touched the tub it was in, it turned into boiling hot steam filled bubbles and scalded my thumb.

Shall I look for a nice notebook that will do the job? There aren't a lot of accidents in the kitchen, and the ones there are seem to involve me and my knife.

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Post by ravanwin » Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:14 pm

tables and chairs: they are going to send us an app. Cross your fingers!

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Post by Jimmy Bastard » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:44 pm

ouch nasty,
microwaved, gunk-softening, steam-related accidents are sky-rocketting.
all entries in the accident book must be written in blood.

A double-bill sounds a bit of a dose for me, still means closing the shutters in daylight hours. I'd be more into one in four being a documentary.
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Post by ravanwin » Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:23 pm

spoke to ken. He will work on the swinging doors and fixing the door closer.

he is also ready to pick up the sofa. who to call? who wants to go and help lift?


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Post by stephengoodall » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:39 pm

i spoke to him yesterday about picking up the sofa. i am going, still to hear from the owner when and how heavy it is.

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Post by Newington Bandit » Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:58 am

Agree with Dai on the double bill issue. Seems quite a lot to put on the one night. it might make it more difficult to start the film on time, and if you want to show a longer film, it's going to be a very long night for volunteers and NM...

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Post by chombee » Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:45 pm

A plan for the future would be to hook the mac up to the jukebox then it could be automatically backed to the server like the action room computers are going to be.
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Post by swithun » Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:56 pm

Newington Bandit wrote:Agree with Dai on the double bill issue.
I could live with that I guess. I'll find out what Tariq thinks about the options. And I do have a 3 hour Czech epic in the pipeline.

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New Music

Post by graeme » Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:53 pm

There is now a tray under the mac shelf for CDs containing music for the mac.
I put all the CDs that were in the cupboard in the tray for the Sunday music action point folk to sort through.
The videos and DVDs are in a tray in the storage room at the back of the old office.

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Post by lucky » Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:07 pm

I didn't go to the meeting or send any apologies. I have no excuses (that are going on this board). I am sorrow.


I made my point really clear in the last meeting. We go in and out of the kitchen all the time. What's going to happen is I'm going to get whacked in the balls five times a day trying to exit the kitchen after someone else, while trying to carry hot plates, thus hurtling Nachos across the cafe landing on a group of small children.

Also, it's a small space as it is and I don't want to be any more claustrophobic than I am now.

I'm sorry, I think this is a ridiculous idea. What were you thinking!

Carlos is sitting next to me and he thinks it's ridiculous idea too. He's goin red with anger and steam is coming out of his ears.


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Post by lucky » Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:09 pm

Thanks for making the meeting happen!


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New music on the computer! Sort of...

Post by meghanS » Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:10 pm

Graeme- thanks for organising the the music into the box, the cupboard is looking very tidy!

However, putting new music on the computer is a little more difficult that we thought. I came in on Sunday with Xabina as planned, but after the first few cds, the computer insisted that the disc was full. I deleted the last few unlabled tracks and squeezed as much on the computer as I could. The ones that have successfully made it onto computer are at the bottom of the cupboard to the right of the vcr, cd player, etc.

There is still a large stack of cds to go... where do I go from here? I still don't mind working on the project, but I need some help making room on the computer and I don't know how that should be done!

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Post by Martin » Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:40 pm

We may need to plug an external hard drive in to that machine to give more space for music.

Or, we could store the music on the fileserver when that's done.

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