Plea to help Alde, the Argentinian guy

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Plea to help Alde, the Argentinian guy

Post by Susana » Mon May 12, 2008 1:59 pm

Hi people. Alde, the Argentinian guy who has been around the Forest for a few weeks has produced a letter that he would like to be passed around. In it he is asking for help to gather the money for a ticket back to his country, either through cash-in-hand jobs or with donations. It would be great if you could pass it around to as many people as possible and them in turn to do the same.

Of course everybody deserves fairness in life but I would say in his case much more: all his life he fought hard for human rights, had a harrowing time during Argentinian's dictatorship, had to go to Brazil to get some peace,etc.. The disability in the legs he talks about is partly due to an 'accident' carried out by some 'political oponents'. He was already
homeless in Argentina before coming here (he was sleeping in a church) and managed to land here through some lucky strike. He is basically asking for help to gather the money to go back (he doesn't want to be deported for fear of spoiling his chances to return on some other

Originally and ideally he wanted to get enough work to save money to buy a plot of land (costs about £4000), since there is this cooperative of homeless people, back in Argentina, that are trying to get their land
and among them build their houses. But, well, that would be ideally... His time to remain here is running out, so probably no chance of that.

Also if you can think of other ways to help him that woud be wonderful.

Thank you!!
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