Committee Meeting - 2nd October 2005

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Committee Meeting - 2nd October 2005

Post by Dandolo » Thu Oct 06, 2005 8:35 pm

Present: Ryan, Chris, Daniel, Magda
Late: Georgina, Marcin, Robin
Amnesty granted to: Tim, Mat, Jane, Dai and Duncan


1. Box Wars
2. Events/corkage
3. Future of forest agreement
4. Library
5. FOH workshop supply grant
6. CIA nights
7. thieves
8 new business grants

1. Damian and Kyle want to spark some box wars upstairs. Action: we will ask the said orchestrators of mayhem for a date and hire the upstairs for an hour.

2. Ryan suggests allowing performers to take 50% of corkage if a proper amount of promotion is done beforehand. Chris states this stipulation is rude. Ryan states it'll make the performers bring more people along with them. Daniel states nobody wants to play to an empty room anyway. Magda states they shouldn't be playing for money. Ryan states it's not a lot of money. 50/50 corkage for band/house by end of October? Vox populi states Aye.

3. Ryan wants to know what is agreed on apropos "The Future of the Forest". Chris says we should start a thread. Daniel says we already have one. Ryan says we need a list of what needs done. Magda says we'll talk about it later. Chris says we need to establish the perceived problems. Action: promulgate a need for issues to deal with. Consider it promulgated. That means you. Bring them to your local committee member/suggestion box.

4. Ryan refers to the problem of cheap novels being left in the library. Chris wants to know if Yasmin'll want them. Daniel says she won't. Action: leave it to Yasmin. She has absolute bibliological hegemony around here.

5. Daniel wants money for front of house. We say yes.
(editor's note: the discussion of this point on the agenda is irretrievable as Georgina had taken over as scribe, allowing Daniel to speak. It is at this point when Georgina's mental state is brought to the fore. By means of ejaculatory interrogation Chris deduces that said offender has been visiting Sandy Bells no less than 4 times a day for her solitary gin and tonics. Her rehabilitation and reintroduction to society will be discussed (along with FOH materials funding) at the next committee meeting, until which it is expedient that she be detained in the shower behind the office. It's for her own good.)
6. Ryan reminds us (as if he has to) that the CIA nights centenary is imminent. The Forest teleology comprises exclusively a party to mark this dark solstice of our lives. We should all start plannin; upstairs, a real car, etc. This is less a point of discussion than a warning: the budget is unlimited. TBContinued.

7. People are being robbed. Chris: get CCTV installed. Ryan: Hard to tell thieves, except by engaging suspected people in social intercourse and prompting possible loiterers-with-intent to make a purchase. Robin: these are pros. Ryan: CCTV, vigilance, signs, so we're not an easy target. Magda: What is the root of the problem? Robin: We're too relaxed. Action: vigilance.

8. Ryan wants to apply for local council grants to start Forest Publishing and Records. Part of "The Future".

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