visual arts meeting 24/9/2--9

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visual arts meeting 24/9/2--9

Post by martinmckenna » Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:30 pm


martin . mike bowdidge , stephen goodall , naomi .


meeting timetables for action

meeting timetables for action

It is felt by me and agreed , that we are dealing with lots of issues at once without organizing them and giving them time to make good decisions . so...............

so this meeting we decided to to take a look thru all submission in the inbox , with a view to slimline it down to the possible yes . next meeting we will look at what left to decide on next years program . leaving the next again meeting (november) for the deciding on whats to be done about the next festival

so to summarize


winter /spring program ,


festival 2010 .


we dont usually have a good meeting .

so that leaves January , for a general catch up meeting to see how things are going . submissions are usually slow about this period .
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Lambchop , The Saturday option .

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