in the house. january 22nd

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in the house. january 22nd

Post by ravanwin » Sun Jan 22, 2006 8:20 pm

In the house: The Brokeback Boys. Crusher Boyd. Wild man winkle. Sweet finger Jaaaane. Grapplin’ George. Mad Dog Mcgregor. Ping Pong pogo

So sorry

1. Triple J One Hundred
3. Night Manager- Progress-Update-Scenario
4. Building Day
5. Fat Cakes
7. Credit
8. Kids
11. bb

Duncan says he has things in his flat.

1. It’s a radio station. Some Aussies went to hear it. Which will mean them staying here all night. (changeover). Seeing as crusher boyd is willing to supervise-we say why not?

3. So a list has been compiled of candidate nightman. Action: Neil is showing
initiative!will continue to show initiative by arranging a meeting. Maybe kick it off by Feb?....
4. to do list: paint floor downstairs/ sort through furniture upstairs/ gold room
revamp/stage is not quite affordable yet/kitchen hose/ and other things to be done. Mikey
will do something to his mural.
5. ...are going out of business.. thye've convinced new people to do brownies but not lovely vegan cakes.
Action:keep your eyes open for vegan cake suppliers.

7. we don’t do that. Just checking. Also, no photocopier or phone for anyone.
8. ryan barred all the kids again. Told him(little nick, fat kid with Mohawk) he can hang
out here if he volunteers and fully understands what he's doing wrong

11. not many people voted for the future of the speaks and bb stuff.whatever.

see y'all in a fortnight. till then..................