Volunteering at Meadows Festival - June 5th & 6th

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Volunteering at Meadows Festival - June 5th & 6th

Post by Hannah » Mon May 31, 2010 2:02 pm

Hi Volunteers

I'm sitting in the sun, hoping that it'll be just as nice and warm during the upcoming weekend - it's Meadows Festival time! We'll celebrate the beginning of summer with lots of music, beer, a free school, workshops, dancing. There will be a Forest stage in the Meadows on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, moreover we'll have a licensed bar. If you'd like to know more about the programme and the bands, check out our website: http://forestcafe.tumblr.com/

In order to run everything, we'll need your help! If you already took part in one of our liquor license trainings (e.g. in April before our Fundraiser weekend), it would be great if you help out with selling beer in the beer tent, but there are also many other things we need help with like setting up and organising the stall for our free school and it will definitely be handy to have some strong people around who can help with setting up the PA on stage or carrying booze.

These are the volunteer shifts during the Meadowsfest that you can sign up for:

9am-11am: we need musclepower! Bring your friends and help out carry PA/set up stage! Meet at The Forest.
3 pm -approx. 7pm: BEER TENT (only if you had license training)
12 - 3pm: STALL
3pm -approx. 7pm: STALL

7.30pm-1am: DOOR at ROXY (Box office for our After Party)

3pm-approx. 6pm: BEER TENT (only if you had license training)
12-5pm: STALL
4pm-6pm: We need help to take PA from The Meadows back to The Forest.

Listening to great bands, dancing your feet off while volunteering for the Forest sounds good to you? Brilliant, come in to the cafe and sign up on the Meadowsfest Rota, email me when you'd have time to help and what you'd like to do or just show up next weekend to give us a hand.

There's one more request I have... While the Meadowsfest is on, the Forest won't be closed. This means we'll also need volunteers to sign up for shifts in the cafe next weekend. It would be great if some of you would be up for helping the KMs run the cafe! We especially need night managers for the whole weekend, Fri/Sat&Sun night. As the Meadowsfest is only in the afternoon you could do both, hang out in the Meadows first and volunteer in the Forest after that.

I hope you have all survived Knockengorroch and are up for another festival weekend! See you soon! xxx

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