committee meeting minutes 08-05-05

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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committee meeting minutes 08-05-05

Post by beev » Fri May 13, 2005 10:51 pm

Present if not correct: Ras, Nick, Chris, Camille, Jane, Neil, Magda, Robin, Gareth, Tim
No apologies whatsoever.


1. Bulletin board
2. Work overview
3. Secret room
4. Bank update
5. Volunteer reps and night shifts
6. Things are great
7. Pret a Porter
8. Political post
9. Callum/Peter
10. Money
11. Toilets
12. Grants
13. Charitable status
14. 5 years
15. Date of Next Meeting Sunday 22nd May 7pm

1. The bb is getting used. Tim needs administrator access to it.
ACTION: Neil or Duncan, can you sort him out?

2. The Ultra office grows apace. The bunks are forming. The walls are
painted. Hail the construction! But more remains.
ACTION: Come and do something.

3. Between the freezer and cupboard, in a place revealed to Palmer… there lurks a secret space.
ACTION: Get into it.

5. It was generally felt that the reps weren’t doing all that they might to
aid in the pleasantly ongoing crisis of no volunteers for night shifts. The
wisdom of having two volunteer reps was questioned. Maybe there should be a main rep that the other helps.

Oh, and all the committee agreed to sign up for a night shift after the
meeting. To date, only Camille and Nick appear to have done so. Also, we will ask Miroslav to do one night shift a week.

Oh, and volunteer meetings. At first some thought they should be less
frequent (you know, there was a time when the minute takers actually
bothered to say ‘jane thought this, but ryan thought that. That time is long past.), then it was decided they should be more frequent. Say on the last Sunday of the month. The committee meetings can squeeze in around them.
ACTION: Jo? Rosie? What do you think? Miroslav, please can you….. you know.

6. The food is good. The space is better.
ACTION: Upwards, ever upwards.

7. Neil and Camille took off some things. Revealing the sleek new forest t-shirts they got from some place in Paraguay that probably isn’t a sweat
shop, really, even though they are only costing us $5 a shirt (incl. p&p).
ACTION: they will be ordered; more designs will be solicited.

8. There have been enquiries as to whether the political post is filled. It is (by Ulla).

9. It is the unanimous decision of the committee that Callum and Polish
Peter be barred for all eternity. Both are guilty of drunken disrespectfulness towards other volunteers and have been caught stealing from teh forest.
ACTION: both these individuals will be informed of this (via a written

11. We will pay people to clean the toilets. There will be a rota and a
checklist. And hey, everyone needs money.
ACTION: we should implement this. And ask the settlement to contribute to this.

12. In the absence of Mikey, there was some uncertainty about what grants have and haven’t been, and to whom, but we did agree to give 50 quid to the Bosnian thing and 50 quid to the indefinite justice thing.

13. In some ways, our application for charitable status merely awaits the
accounts (to be completed very soon). However, we can’t be sure that they will be in the right format for our particular application (which may or may not be the best one). Given such uncertainty, we’d be crazy not to pay Oswalds to sort it all for us.
ACTION: We’re not crazy.

14. This august the forest will be fucking five (years old). Let’s do mad, bad shit.
ACTION: Think it up mo fo’s.

Fils d'Abeille
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Post by Fils d'Abeille » Sat May 14, 2005 1:30 pm

seems strange that half the commitee didn't show up... including the secretary?

Anyway, looks like you guys had a good meeting and that these issues are being addressed.

Off to eat lunch with a schizophrenic friend... always a surprise...

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Post by beev » Sat May 14, 2005 1:54 pm

The committtee are volunteers as well, y'know!

Nick is also secretary. One of them generally shows up to take minutes...

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Post by mark » Wed May 25, 2005 8:05 pm


the commiitee are all paid. as i suspected.