New Printing Facilities at ForestCentre+

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New Printing Facilities at ForestCentre+

Post by Stephen » Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:31 pm

Have you ever wondered/wanted to set up a printing facilities well we have 3 rooms which we will now develop further into printing facilities.

On Tuesday the 18th at 4pm we will have a meeting to gather interested people
and to take stock of equipment, draw up lists of what to do next and plan how we can
make usable facilities with the idea to share knowledge.

As of yet we do not have much of a time scale but hope that we can have
something up and running in the next two months. This is very much at the
planning stage so if you have ever wanted to help in setting up a shared facility
then now is your chance.

Where we are at is that we have a vacuum print table for paper based silk screen
several screens and some basic exposure equipment.
We can start by installing this and think about how we could build an exposure and
wash out room.

As we have quite a bit of space we could also think to other types of printing we
could do. It would be nice to have some basic tables made of glass and a press for
mono printing/wood-lino cut. Also there appears to be interest in having an area
for textiles.

There will be budget for the set up but it will be small, we could look into getting
small grants. Hopefully we can run inductions and charge for use of the rooms
which could help to pay for the equipment. A sense a business plan coming on.

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